At Rachel Trevor Morgan we are aware of the importance of looking after the environmental and minimising the effect our business
activities may have on it. As a Royal Warrant holder we are required to follow strict policy regarding sustainability. We have therefore endeavoured to reduce our impact in the following areas:

sourcing materials

To utilise raw materials and processes which
make minimum demands on the environment and which produce minimum waste. We source most of our materials from UK suppliers and mostly buy basic fabrics which can then be manipulated for each order. Each of our suppliers use reliable sources for their raw materials when buying from abroad. We also try to buy our goods and materials in bulk to cut down on transportation.


To manufacture using natural and environmentally-friendly materials and to produce minimal waste. We generally use water-based stiffener and dye where possible. The hats are hand-stitched and made using traditional methods.

Waste & Recycling

To minimise the waste produced through the business activities. We look for innovative ways to recycle waste material. We recycle our rubbish which is mainly paper and cardboard packaging. Fabric waste is minimal, because of the nature of our business we try to use any spare piece of fabric in our hats. We also give cotton reels and fabric scraps to primary schools and we often donate materials and scraps to homeless projects and craft projects.

Drawers of colourful reels of cotton
Antique flower making tool on a hot plate
Transport & Distribution

To utilise efficient distribution and transport systems for goods and employees. There are no vehicles attached to the business and we use dedicated couriers for shipping and our small amount of mail order distribution. 95% of our clients pick up goods direct from our showroom and attend appointments here. Most of our business dealings are around central London and easily reached on foot or public transport.