You may be familiar with the photo of NHS workers in their PPE visors hand-made by a group of volunteers. It circulated in the press or on social media and it has become the poster for the #VisorArmy effort to produce PPE equipment for our frontline workers. During lockdown, the RTM team got involved and worked from home to produce over 2,000 PPE visors for NHS workers. 

#VisorArmy are a community-based volunteer group making medical visors at home, for use by ICU doctors and nurses across London hospitals.

It is the brainchild of ICU Consultant Deborah Braham and managed accross London by hub coordinators. The protective visors are made using a glue gun and 3 simple components: acetate sheets, foam padding and elastic. These Visors are vital protective equipment for ICU staff, and help save their life, every time they are worn.